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What is EVA?

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)  is a plastic made by combining ethylene and vinyl acetate. It’s very soft and elastic and it can be made into a plastic that’s like rubber, yet extremely tough. It’s considered to be a safe alternative to PVC.

EVA can also be made into EVA foam, with the use of a plasticizer. It’s the EVA foam that is controversial, rather than EVA.

Where do you find it?

EVA foam is used for all sorts of things.

It’s used in footwear – think of the padding in you running shoes, moulded soles or orthotics. EVA is used in sports gear like swimming kick mats, pool noodles and buoyancy life jackets, in trampoline padding and protective gear for martial arts. It’s used as padding in sports equipment, like shin guards, ski boots, boxing gloves and bike saddles.


Asics running shoes with EVA foam

ASICs running shoes with EVA foam inserts

It’s used in building equipment like insulation and carpet underlay, and in healthcare for things like splints.

Foam craft stickers are often made of EVA, and kids’ foam toys.

Is EVA safe for babies?

EVA is considered to be a safe alternative to PVC, as it doesn’t require plasticizers like phthlates, and it’s BPA free.