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How to choose a children's raincoat on rainy days

from: time:2019-05-22 classify:Knowledge

On the market more and more about children's clothing, style is becoming more and more attractive, therefore, on the market for children's clothing requirements also more and more, this year's summer rainy season is more, for the child's travel inconvenience, so have played an important role in many children's raincoat.

The purchase of the raincoat should be the first to distinguish the size, the adults buy a large size raincoat, the children will have the special children's raincoat, can not buy randomly; Second, is about the use function of raincoat, motorcycle use raincoat or bicycle use raincoat, to distinguish, because generally used motorcycle raincoat design will be more bigger. We'd better try it on ourselves when buying a raincoat, because different brands of raincoats will have a certain size error.

Children's raincoat, generally use high quality PVC, is not general plastic, peculiar smell is small, the hand feels soft, make the dress more comfortable. 100% non - toxic, ensure that the winter is not cracked and hard, well - made. It has the characteristics of soft texture and strong toughness. The beautiful design makes the baby fall in love with the rain. Texture: non-toxic PVC; S no. : about 68 cm from shoulder to bottom, suitable for height 90-105; M: it is about 73 cm long from shoulder to bottom, suitable for height 105-115. L no. : about 78 cm from shoulder to bottom, suitable for height 115-130; XL: about 83 cm from shoulder to bottom, suitable for height 130-140; XXL: it is about 88cm from the shoulder to the lower hem, suitable for height 140-150.