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Printed transparent poncho is widely used

from: time:2019-05-22 classify:Knowledge

Some people go out to wear a raincoat don't feel well, not beautiful also some young people think wearing a raincoat, so he single-handedly driving and open an umbrella umbrellaed and ride a bike, like walking through a red light, in fact, a lot of people don't care, this is illegal behavior. However, changzhou lijia lida rain factory provides you with beautiful and convenient printing transparent poncho, let's talk about its advantages.

The material is thin, which was introduced to China in 1970. It is widely used in light industry due to its light and soft, convenient transportation, safety performance and excellent waterproof and anti-fading properties. Its material is non-toxic, harmless, soft, waterproof, colorfast, elastic, is the most safe, convenient, high-quality light industrial raw materials. Application to the products of children, can be in to ensure that the children to play at the same time without any damage, to avoid the traditional toys sharp easily hurt, paint rub off easily poisoning, block see the shortcomings of wet easy to loose.

In fact, one to the rainy day, a lot of people feel very inconvenient, open an umbrella especially when hands to take a lot of things, there is no extra hands to do other things, and holding an umbrella in the rain can't very good shelter, so in order to better to avoid damage in rainy day, choose a poncho seems to be more helpful. Especially a more likeable is good-looking and practical poncho, so, changzhou lijia lida rain gear factory remind friends: for us, choose a good quality, no damage of the raincoat is one of the most important.