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Why Is It Waterproof For You

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A cloth raincoat is made of rain cloth (plain cotton treated with water repellent). Waterproof agent is a kind of wax emulsion containing aluminum salt. After the emulsification of paraffin, it becomes a fine particle, evenly distributed on the fiber of cotton cloth. Paraffin and water are incompatible, and when water meets paraffin, it forms oblong drops and rolls over the paraffin wax. Visible, it is the effect that paraffin rises to prevent rain. In physics, this phenomenon of impermeability is called "non-infiltration". When the water meets the ordinary cotton cloth, it penetrates through the capillary tube of the fiber, which is called "infiltration phenomenon".

An object is made up of molecules. The interaction between molecules of the same substance is called cohesion; The interaction between molecules of different substances is called adhesion. When the cohesion is less than the adhesion, the "infiltration phenomenon" will be produced. Conversely, there will be "no infiltration phenomenon". A raincoat is impervious to water, because the water's cohesion is greater than that of the water's adhesion to the raincoat.

The common glass looks smooth and shiny. Water in it, however, is tightly coiled, brought all sorts of trouble: when it rains, the rain on the car window obstructed the driver's line of sight, very insecure, so had to start the stroke unit and the rain comes to; People wearing glasses, while drinking hot water, immediately covered the lens with mist, blocking the view and seeing nothing.

People know the characteristics of the surface tension of water, to understand the relationship between water cohesion and adhesion after, not only ingeniously made the raincoat, but also made the novel "hate" sodium silicate - on common glass coating a layer of silicon organic compounds, it greatly weakens the fog of the adhesion to glass. Using this water-repellent glass as the lens, the people who wear glasses to relieve the fog of distress; Put this glass on the front window of the car, and you won't need a paddle.

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