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The Difference Between A Police Raincoat And A Raincoat

from: time:2019-05-20 classify:News

1. The police raincoat is made of high-quality PVC materials, and all the seams are equipped with anti-leakage technology, even if the rainstorm is not wet. 2. The fabric is waterproof, breathable, non-toxic and tasteless, lightweight and soft, environmentally friendly, and harmless to the human body.

3. Such products have good waterproof performance;

4. The raincoat is suitable for police, security, guard and other personnel on duty patrol, flood fighting and other wear.

Police raincoat, also known as fission type rain gear, select high-quality PVC materials, fabric soft, comfortable, waterproof breathable, don't take off a layer, the seepage prevention technology in stitches wherever, avirulent insipidity, portable soft environmental protection material, no harm to human body, good waterproof performance, and behind with reflective article, convenient to use at night, to enhance the security.