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Where is the safety of cycling safety

from: time:2019-05-22 classify:Knowledge

Everyone knows that it is dangerous to ride a bicycle in the rain, the rain will obstruct our driving line of sight, cause we are in the cycling road conditions, not to see it the greatly increasing the difficulty of people travel in rainy day, also can not guarantee the safety of the people. Next, the children's raincoat will introduce a bicycle safety poncho, so let's see what kind of security he has.Bicycle safety rain cape will not be blown by the wind when used, and when the body or head turns, the clothes will not cover the eyes, affecting the vision. Bicycle raincoat consists of two parts, garment cap and mask, cover coat and hat and clothes on the head and neck is an organic whole, the garment cover at the shoulder on both sides, respectively, set up a sleeve, the sleeve is similar to usually dress with long sleeves. The front part of the garment is located at the handshaking place of the bicycle. In order to travel on the wind people face also have good rain gear effect, can be set in the forehead of the coat a duck tongue, duck tongue, similar to the sun the duck tongue can be made by plastic. In order to prevent the raincoat from the top of the garment cap from flowing to the face, make the shape of the convex rib at the edge of the garment cap to make the rain flow along the side of the convex rib.

To make the cap more flexible, turn the head around the head of the garment with two buckles, such as a belt or a button. Tighten the belt or button when used.

New design of bicycle raincoat, behind in the garment cover, front part or sleeve set has fluorescence signal, so that to other vehicles when driving at night warning to remind function, avoid the happening of the accident.

The advent of bicycle safety poncho makes it easier for people to travel on rainy days, providing shelter and safety for people. I think everyone will want it.