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Clogs, or clogs, is a pair of clogs

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Clogs, or clogs, are a pair of wooden shoes that creak when they walk and are suitable for walking in the rain and mud in the south. If the vamp is made of silk, it is called the clog. Cowhide production is called clogs. Under the wood are four nails, wear-resistant and anti-skid.

The clogs were invented by the Chinese, and the clogs were the common clothing of the han dynasty before the sui and tang dynasties, especially in the han dynasty. The name comes from the Chinese ancient "clogs", often called clogs, used outdoors. It was introduced to Japan and is popular in Japan.

Clogs in China are one of the most ancient Chinese clothing. Yao shunyu began to take clogs. In the jin dynasty, clogs had the distinction of a man's female circle. Clogs were the common clothing of the han dynasty before the qing dynasty, especially in the sui and tang dynasties. Han Chinese women in their marriage will put on the wooden clogs of the color belt. The nobles of the southern liang also used the high gear clogs. In the southern song dynasty, the nobles also wore clogs for frugality. Du mu's poetry: "the servant and the foot of the teeth are different." Formed by a combination of wooden boards and clogs, the base of the board has two protruding "teeth" designed to make it easy to walk on the mud. Clogs are wooden shoes under the teeth, also known as clogs. Jiangnan is the base of tongmu, pu is the shoe, hemp wear its nose. In addition to the two clogs, the han also used flat clogs in the army to prevent the foot from being scratched by a thorny weed. Not only soldiers, but civilians also wear clogs on the road to prevent their feet from being scratched by a prickly plant.