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There are three ways to make clogs

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The traditional way

First with knives, axes, saws in clogs the length of the size, then respectively for adults or children foot type size molds coarse embryos, again with cutter will cut off in the middle of the wood, the top of the shoe bottom is low, high heels, DE patinagem DE finally nailed on the finish.

Modern practice

Clogs coarse embryos made from a machine first, and then paste embroidered surface pattern, DE patinagem DE nailed on belt, namely the more traditional save time and effort, but the style is fixed, no change, and less manual of kindness, let alone making handmade can also be in accordance with the left and right foot type! However, the production method of handmade clogs mainly includes the following steps:

1, the painting: a piece of wood to become a pair of clogs, must first select air-dried wood, then use the template on the wood type line draw the clogs in the early, by machine or hand cut, separated when the natural radian, and everything is a pair of, is not a part of the waste.

2. Sun: after the machine saw out of the initial shape, it will be exposed to the sun for a week or so, making clogs less perishable.

3. Cut: use the axe, finely cut the curve of the shoe edge.

4. Bubble: the clogs are soaked in buckets filled with water, so that the wooden clogs will not be dry and dry during the planing process.

5. Plane: the old master is on a specially inclined platform, the foot bend, one, fixed the wooden clog to begin to grind.

6. Planer: the clogs are worn on the feet. Of course, they should be comfortably dressed. The old master carefully decorates the wooden clogs with the surface, edges or clogs of the clogs.

7. Lacquer: paint the clogs of the clogs with a layer of varnish on top.

8. Nails: the clogs were finally nailed to the top of the clog, so that the clogs were finished.

9, clog: plain and pure, it is the formation of the ancient clogs.

The simple way

The choice of wood is very important. You don't want to wear a pair of shoes full of cracks and holes. According to the size of the foot, set aside a centimetre of the rest, since then the clogs should be trimmed. This is the oak that has not been treated.

Start grinding. All you need to do is polish the rough wood surface with sandpaper. After finishing one, don't forget the other one. Suggest you to make this project, don't use any electric tools (except after can use electric drill), because this project was not five minutes to get it under control, you can't eat hot bean curd.

Key teeth when you're ready to make clogs, remind you. Slow - slow - first of all, there are no hard and fast rules to mark the position and height of the teeth in the position where the teeth need to be installed. However, I suggest that the height should not be less than four centimeters. So start is more convenient. Start marking the chisel, it was held up by the wood in a picture look good first clogs tooth "cut out" slowly, then looked up with a chisel plane figure, these places need mending.

Wear round corners, reinforce clogs, pick up the wood file, and try to round the corners. Then polish it again to make it look beautiful. Then apply it with resin essential oil. When you're done, you need to reinforce the clogs. First, drill two holes into each tooth, then fill in the glue, then hammer into a plug with a hammer, and then cut off the excess. Wait for glue to set. While waiting, you can consider the position of the Hanao (shoelace) hole. Drill them out. Rounded corners. Oil: oil. The clogs will not break.

Production tools

Made a pair of clogs is not simple, take, for instance, traditional handmade process looks be like simple, but with five and a half jins of heavy axe, chop, hardness high mountain yellow numbness, need very high skill and strength, do clogs like learning kung fu. Axe knife, its handle is short, use up a hold, axe is just like a knife, exquisite to cut out the radian of flange, shoes, therefore, to mountain huang numbness in clogs, is not an easy thing, a pair of clogs takes about a month to complete. After that, I began to sharpen the front and edge with the planer, and then nail the ear, and then I finished a pair of clogs, which was much faster than the traditional manual work.

To the tools used are many makes clogs, there are mainly knives, axes, saw, planer, hammer, nails, and so on, combined with chop, chop, chop, cutting, planer, hammer, etc, can make a pair of clogs.

The traditional tools for making clogs are about the following:

Dao: it is used to cut the original type of clog.

Axe: chop, chop, chop, cut, etc., are all arranged by an axe.

Saws: the size and shape to be used for sawing the clogs.

Planing knife: the main function is to plane the surface, the Angle or the clog heel, make the clog surface become smooth.

Hammer: used when towing the clog.

Nails: used for fixing clogs.