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Characteristics of wooden sole

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Clogs are shoes with teeth. The teeth are mounted on the bottom of the shoe, and the front and back are vertical and vertical, and are used for travelling. The sole is equipped with teeth, so that it is convenient to walk, because the ancient road is bumpy, with double teeth, it can reduce the contact between the sole and the road, and it will appear stable and convenient when walking. Clogs are usually made of wood, which is more resistant to wear and wear, and can be replaced when the wood is broken, so it is especially suitable for travel. As a result of the double teeth, the height of the sole increased, in the wet mud or on the mossy hill road is not easy to slip. Han Shi You "urgent" "DE patinagem DE win Ju poverty." Tang yan: "the clog, with the wood for the two teeth, so the mud." This is the shoe. He also mentioned in the poem "the garden is not worth" :

Should be in the movement of the clog teeth, the small clasp of firewood.

The spring color of the garden can not be closed, a red almond out of the wall.