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Anti Static Proof Raincoat Anti Static Principle

from: time:2019-05-20 classify:News

Fall, static electricity is more, comb hair, take off clothes and so on all produce static electricity. Static electricity is dangerous in some special situations. Today we're going to talk about anti-static raincoats, which are generally used in chemicals and engineering and fire and electricity and so on and so on. Today it is the rain gear manufacturers to show you the performance characteristics of the anti-static raincoat.

In an electrostatic raincoat it is the electrical conductivity of the fiber. Anti-static raincoat is to adopt a very high level of jacquard pu fabric with polyester taffeta spring and spinning, and there are two points four centimeters of reflective, put clothes fiber involved in mixed to have a certain amount of metal fibre blended fabric, in this kind of fabric it is capable of washing and its stability is very good. And then on the clothes in the fibrous materials with antistatic agent, carbon black particles to become conductive fiber, after occurring simultaneously and interweave and blended and knitting and weaving method, so as to improve the conductivity of the fabric or the fiber power, to form the anti-static fabric, so can we achieve anti-static gathered with a charge of dissipation effect.