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The material of making clogs is mainly wood, so it is called "clogs". Lumber have certain standards, with fine and close texture tenacity is preferred, DE patinagem DE sant of common, with ligneous into, such as the southern dynasty · auspicious tzu chi "(sai-jo) in xiangyang, the dream DE patinagem DE line, degree of tai chi house order. "Bao clogs to Bao wooden into", such as jin records containing the southern vegetation shape ":" hold (Bao) adjacent to the wood, was born in taxus, if the parasitic, extremely weak, be inadvertently, by wet Ku while playing for the shoe, such as cut the melon. It's tough and tough to do. ...... It can be steamed and moist. There is a wooden clog, which is made of sand. Commencing back: a dream of red mansions "dai jade to see off the coir, wearing only inside BanJiu red silk short coat, wearing green sweat towels, knee to show clumps silk flower pants, under is pinched gold embroidery cotton yarn socks, over the fallen petal shoes butterfly. Daiyu asked: "the top is afraid of the rain. The shoes on the bottom are not afraid of the rain. It's clean." Baoyu smiled and said, "my suit is complete. There was a pair of tongs, and then they came in, and they were on the porch." In addition to the wood, clogs have also appeared in ancient times, replacing rope with cloth. Han Liu Xi ShiMing · shi clothes ":" DE patinagem DE silks, with silks, such as ð ª ¨ —, not yue silks ð ª ¨ —, shall not practice mud also, this step can also mud and huan, reason And leather clogs, made of leather; Or cut wood, wrapped in leather. For example, "the general examination of the literature" : "shoes and shoes, the king of the ear." There are also jade clogs, which are made of jade. "Nanqi book · wenhui prince biography" : "when xiangyang has stolen ancient tombs, it is said that the cloud is the tomb of the king of chu, the great treasures: jade clog, jade screen, bamboo slips and silk weaving." They also had clogs, and they were made of bronze and iron. "The taiping imperial view" rolls 698 "the Book of Jin" : "shihler blows liu yao, makes the person of the iron clog to make the city." This kind of clog is often used by warriors to climb the march. Tomb raider painted in the tomb of no.12 tomb of the jilin ji 'an cave, the feet of which are wearing the clogs. Unlike clogs, the clogs have no clogs, and they are stitched. This iron DE patinagem DE there are found in the archaeological excavations, such as jilin koguryo tomb unearthed a gian, flat copper jacaranda as wood, gold surface, the peripheral to fold, there are available for lacing on several, with holes at the bottom of the riveting has a square shape of fine gold. Later generations call it "spikes". Qing zhaoyi "the book of the book" : "the ancients used the wooden clogs in the rain, and now the common use of the use of spikes."